The 6th SPJ-OCS, held at the Universidade de Lisboa, Faculdade de Ciências and chaired by Professor Amélia Pilar Rauter, had 200 participants, including experts from academia and industry, young researchers, and students. Topics in Organic Chemistry such as synthesis, microwave assisted reactions, environmentally friendly methods, homogeneous and heterogeneous catalysis, molecular design, medicinal chemistry, natural product chemistry, materials chemistry, and process chemistry were the subject of 126 posters and 24 plenary lectures.

One of the highlights of this meeting was the first day session dedicated to EurJOC and ChemPubSoc Europe, chaired by Dr. Haymo Ross, Editor-in-chief of EurJOC. The session started with a keynote lecture on EurJOC and ChemPubSoc Europe by Dr. Haymo Ross, and was followed by three scientific lectures held by Spanish, Portuguese, and Japanese scientists, selected by their scientific contributions to this journal.

This symposium was part of the celebration of the centenary of the Portuguese Society of Chemistry and issue 8 of the European Journal of Organic Chemistry (EurJOC) has published a number of papers dedicated to the SPQ for a century of relevant contributions to Chemistry in Portugal.


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