Welcome to the Carbohydrate Chemistry Group

Based on a sustainable model, starting from sugars or from natural resources towards new drug candidates / functional food ingredients for pharmaceutical / food industries, the Carbohydrate Chemistry Group aims to provide economic and social benefits in terms of prevention of functional decline and ageing, nutrition, health and biosecurity.

Strategic areas:

             - New chemical approaches towards healthy ageing and prevention of functional decline;

             - Sustainable Chemistry for Functional Molecules;

             - Therapeutics and mechanisms of action.

Research is based on:

       Generation of new molecular entities by:

             - Design and synthesis;

             - Environmentally friendly methodologies (heterogeneous catalysis);

             - Isolation from natural resources (plants, algae) and structure elucidation;

       Polyphenols chemistry and society

             - Functional foods;

             - Biomass residues valorization;

             - Cultural heritage;


             - New leads for degenerative (cancer) and amyloid diseases (Alzheimer's disease, diabetes);

             - Sugar-based bactericides towards biosecurity;

             - Functional foods for a healthy ageing;

        Centro de Química e Bioquímica

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